Central PA Consulta Against the World Bank / International Monetary Fund Spring Meetings!

Saturday April 4, Harrisburg, PA.  Network & mobilize for the protests against the IMF & World Bank.

Central PA Consulta Against the IMF & World Bank!
Saturday, April 4th
East Shore Area Library

4501 Ethel Street

Harrisburg, PA 17109 (Behind the colonial park mall)


Come to Harrisburg on April 4th to share information and strategies in preparation for the upcoming meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank (WB). The Washington DC organizing group, Global Justice Action (GJA), will be in town to give presentations on the IMF/WB and the april actions against them. The presentations will be followed by skillshares/workshops, strategy discussions and a free vegan dinner!!!

Please RSVP ASAP with how many people are coming, any food allergies or special needs, workshops that can be offered, if childcare is needed, and if overnight accommodations are needed.


Harrisburg Area Anarchist Collective




Global Justice Action


Self Described Anarchist Collective



Food not Bombs update!

We here at H.A.A.C. are pleased to announce that the Harrisburg Food not Bombs program will now be serving on a regular and consistent schedule! After months of sporadic servings we finally have a definite schedule to adhere to.  As always we need help cooking and serving! We also have a list of items which we are in need of below. If your interested in helping or donating any of the below items please contact us at hbgaac@gmail.com  Thanks bunches! 

The Harrisburg Food not Bombs program is also working on a separate website, email, myspace and facebook to aid in the promotion and coordination of the program. More info available shortly. A series of flyers, pamphlets and posters focusing on Food not Bombs, consumerism and waste are also being worked on as we speak. They will be available on here as well as on the Food not Bombs sites shortly. 



WHEN: Every Monday at 5 p.m. 

WHERE: Market Square Bus Station in Harrisburg (Across from the Hilton)

WHAT:  Food not Bombs! A local program which serves healthy vegetarian meals to anyone who is hungry. Food Not Bombs’ ideology is that myriad corporate and government priorities are skewed to allow hunger to persist in the midst of abundance. To demonstrate this (and to reduce costs), a large amount of the food served by the group is surplus food from grocery stores, bakeries and markets that would otherwise go to waste.

We will be cooking the meal earlier in the day (starting around 12) and we always need more help! If you are interested in helping to prepare the meal please contact us at hbgaac@gmail.com As soon as we figure out where we are cooking we will let you know.

Donations! The Harrisburg Food not Bombs program is in need of the following items:

Non-breakable dishes and cups


Coolers for keeping food warm/cool

Large coffee thermos 

Paper or free copies so that we can get the word out.

And of course free healthy food!


Love and Rage, 


Global Resistance to Global Injustice! Solidarity demonstration with the Greek uprising on 12/20!

On the night of December 6th, police shot 15-year old Alexandros Grigoropoulos in cold blood in the Eksarhia district of Athens, Greece. Spontaneously in Athens as well as nearly all urban areas of Greece a revolt began. Workers, students, immigrants, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers have all taken to the streets to demand not only an end to police and state violence but also demand a new and just world. Now in its second week the uprising in Greece continues to spread. High-schools and universities have been occupied by their students, union buildings and work places by workers, town-halls by the towns people. Corporate and state run radio and TV stations have been liberated by the people of Greece to broadcast a message of resistance and love. As the world economy continues to sink into disaster and governments and their capitalist pals struggle to retain their death grip on the people of the world the unrest continues to spread. The unrest is spreading not just through Greece but through Europe and the rest of the world as a whole.

On Saturday December 20th at eleven am  the Harrisburg Area Anarchist Collective, Central Dauphin Students for a Democratic Society, Harrisburg Food not Bombs and concerned persons of the keystone state cordially invite you to attend a demonstration in support of the peoples uprising in Greece.  The demonstration will assemble on the Pennsylvania state capital building steps (riverside). Following the distribution of literature the demonstration will move as a group through the city of Harrisburg distributing literature on the Greek uprising, against police and state violence as well as information on how through the creation of strong, democratic communities we can build a more fair, sustainable and joyous world. The demonstration will conclude at the market square bus station where Harrisburg Food not Bombs will be serving a healthy and free vegetarian meal to anyone who is hungry.

Please bring banners, signs, flags, leaflets and more with messages of support for the uprising in Greece, against police and state repression/violence and for a new and more just world. Bringing instruments, noise makers, tape and wheat paste for flyers and posters, and vegetarian food for Food not Bombs is also highly encouraged. 

For Alex and all those murdered by the state!


Harrisburg Food not Bombs general meeting Tuesday Oct. 28th! Plus zines added to library!

What: General meeting to work out the logistics of the Harrisburg Food not Bombs program which has recently been brought back from the dead! Food not Bombs is an international organization of loose-knit chapter which serve food to anyone who is hungry.  Food Not Bombs’ general ideology is that myriad corporate and government priorities are skewed to allow hunger to persist in the midst of abundance. To demonstrate this (and to reduce costs), a large amount of the food served by the group is surplus food from grocery stores, bakeries and markets that would otherwise go to waste.

WHEN: Tuesday October 28th, 2008

WHERE: 215 francis Cadden Parkway, Apartment 102, harrisburg, pa. 17111

New zines added to the library just in time for the election! Including this weeks featured zine The Parties Over: Beyond Politics, Beyond Democracy. Check out the library here.

Organizing Resistance — A retrospective on the 2008 Republican National Convention

Organizing Resistance — A retrospective on the 2008 Republican National Convention

DNC / RNC 2008What follows is a strategic assessment of some of the organizing process leading up to the RNC protests in St. Paul. I participated in the actions but I am not a member of the RNC Welcoming Committee and do not purport to speak on their behalf. This document is purely for the purposes of discussion and debate within the anarchist community. The information contained in this analysis comes from first person observation, as well as a study of various documents put out by the RNC WC, independent and corporate news accounts of the actions, and other strategic reportbacks on the action. All of this information is public and nothing contained in this document is subject to any security culture agreements.

On September 1, 2008 several hundred activists from around the country converged on St. Paul’s downtown business district to execute a carefully planned strategy to stop the first day of the Republican National Convention. Just before noon that day, blockades began to move into place, holding back buses filled with delegates. Over the next several hours more than three dozen affinity groups, each numbering between five and fifty participants, moved into the city’s streets in a converted effort to stop traffic and block delegates. 

Tactics ranged from simple sit-ins in intersections to snake marches and black blocs to blockades with disabled cars, chains, and lockboxes. St. Paul Police, whose ranks were bolstered with officers on loan from almost every jurisdiction in Minnesota, reacted aggressively. Police strategically and methodically worked to force protesters out of key intersections and off of main thoroughfares. They used blunt object force, chemical weapons, and concussion grenades to attempt to disburse, or at least push back crowds. And when their numbers allowed, police surrounded and arrested entire groups of protesters, reporters, and bystanders. 

Protestors fought back in a series of skirmishes. Linking arms small groups were able to hold back the police’s advance and maintain their territory, if only for a short time. Equipped with goggles, masks, and bandanas groups of activists were able to withstand the onslaught of chemical weapons. Organized into small and tight knit groups protesters were able to swarm police and un-arrest some of their companions who had been snatched by police. 

In the end, however, virtually all of the RNC delegates were able to get into the convention, relatively un-delayed. And the convention’s first day, which had been hyped as a neo-con ‘must see’ event headlined by luminaries like sitting President George W Bush, had been scaled back so that state and federal politicians could concentrate on relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Gustav’s landfall in New Orleans. 

But the relatively unfettered, if lackluster, commencement of day one of the Republican National Convention, did not mean that the protests were tactically ineffective. Traffic was blocked for several hours in downtown St. Paul and during the chaotic scene the swarm of protesters was able to disable at least two buses by slashing their tires and smashing their windows. Delegates were delayed in getting to the Excel Center and hundreds of America’s political elite were directly and personally confronted by an energetic declaration of opposition. Local police forces were overwhelmed and later reported to an unsympathetic corporate press that officers were “frightened” by the action on the streets.

In the days and weeks following the Republican National Convention, there has been no shortage of dramatic written accounts of the day’s actions, breathtaking still photographs of various clashes with police, and captivating video footage city streets filled with tear gas and concussion grenades exploding like low flying fireworks. Telling this collective story and reliving this collective experience is fundamentally important for anti-authoritarian resistance movements in the United States; by remembering these huge sparks in activity we remind ourselves that we can confront the state in all of its might and all of a sudden another world seems so much closer and so much more real. 

But just as important as telling our collective stories is learning from our collective experiences. While many impressive and heroic actions were taken on the streets of St. Paul, it was the months and months of organizing and mobilizing in community centers, living rooms and city parks in the Twin Cities and across the country that yielded the framework and infrastructure that allowed us to go head to head with the state in St. Paul. 

A preliminarily analysis of the organizing process that facilitated the attempts to shut down the Republican National Convention presents a few interesting questions: How did this framework come together and what differentiates this organizing effort from organizing efforts for previous mobilizations? What unique challenges and circumstances did organizers in the Twin Cities face and how were they addressed? What limitations did we put on ourselves and where did we miss opportunities? How can this experience be used as a roadmap for facilitating future actions? 

To be sure, any analysis of an effort as multifaceted and complex as this action will be limited and incomplete. But these questions provide a starting point for synthesizing what we learned from this undertaking. 

Continued on Twin Cities Indymedia 


We did not write this but for an impersonal analysis of the RNC actions we agree with it. We are working on a collective analysis of our experience at the RNC and will hopefully post it within the next few weeks.

UA Mid-Atlantic Adopts Sector 3!

A Mid-Atlantic cluster is psyched to announce that we will be working in
Sector 3 in solidarity with the RNC Welcoming Committee’s call to disrupt
the Republican National Convention!

In a time when this country is focusing on the rhetoric of “change” we
believe that as anarchists, anti-authoritarians, and radicals, the
electoral spectacle must not pass without a voice speaking up LOUD for
REAL FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE.  The fundamental structures of oppression in our
culture must be addressed, not just the face of the administration (a
superficial placation). Our aim is not to confront the Republicans alone,
but the entirety of the electoral system.  Amidst this celebration of the
top down politics of alienation and disempowerment, we will be there to
say “hell nah!  Our politics are the politics of cooperation, community,
respect for each other, our animal friends, and our planet.  These are the
politics of the future.”

The blockade strategy is going to be most effective if all of the ground
in St. Paul is covered. With three entrances to the Xcel center, Sector 3 is
crucial ground. We have by no means excluded the probability that there
are other Affinity Groups and Clusters organizing from the Mid-Atlantic
and we would love to take this opportunity to meet, network and organize
with each other.  We’d also like to invite clusters of any variety, from
any locality who are interested in autonomous coordinated direct action to
join us in Sector 3 to show the world the power we have when working
non-hierarchically to accomplish our goals.

If you are part of a group or cluster looking to join the blockade
strategy in sector 3, please e-mail (non sensitive info only please!)
ua.midatlantic@gmail.com, so we can begin to organize, coordinate, and
make friends.

We are also calling for a Mid-Atlantic spokescouncil on August 17th at 2pm
in Baltimore, MD at a location to be announced.

Let’s reclaim space, blockade the city, and open up anyone who’s watching
to the possibility that whole other worlds are possible!  RNC, we’ve got
you surrounded motherfuckers!


Sector Three: Southwest riverside section. Includes Eastbound Shepard Rd.,
and many parking ramps and lots, back allies, and parks. Primarily
residential, with lower-income area starting as you head West from Irvine

Visit St. Paul in September 2008!


So just about every page of the site has been updated. We have also begun to add lots of great zines and other literature to the online library so be sure to check that out! H.A.A.C. also has some events coming up soon that we would love to see you at! Check the Events! page for more details.

This past weekend was H.A.A.C.’s first official outing at the Lower Paxton Youth Centers DIY Fest Round II. We had a great time giving out literature, talking with and meeting with all kinds of new people. Between the friends (new and old), food, games, workshops and music we could’nt have asked for a better first outing! We hope to see everyone again soon!

In love and rage,