Global Resistance to Global Injustice! Solidarity demonstration with the Greek uprising on 12/20!

On the night of December 6th, police shot 15-year old Alexandros Grigoropoulos in cold blood in the Eksarhia district of Athens, Greece. Spontaneously in Athens as well as nearly all urban areas of Greece a revolt began. Workers, students, immigrants, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers have all taken to the streets to demand not only an end to police and state violence but also demand a new and just world. Now in its second week the uprising in Greece continues to spread. High-schools and universities have been occupied by their students, union buildings and work places by workers, town-halls by the towns people. Corporate and state run radio and TV stations have been liberated by the people of Greece to broadcast a message of resistance and love. As the world economy continues to sink into disaster and governments and their capitalist pals struggle to retain their death grip on the people of the world the unrest continues to spread. The unrest is spreading not just through Greece but through Europe and the rest of the world as a whole.

On Saturday December 20th at eleven am  the Harrisburg Area Anarchist Collective, Central Dauphin Students for a Democratic Society, Harrisburg Food not Bombs and concerned persons of the keystone state cordially invite you to attend a demonstration in support of the peoples uprising in Greece.  The demonstration will assemble on the Pennsylvania state capital building steps (riverside). Following the distribution of literature the demonstration will move as a group through the city of Harrisburg distributing literature on the Greek uprising, against police and state violence as well as information on how through the creation of strong, democratic communities we can build a more fair, sustainable and joyous world. The demonstration will conclude at the market square bus station where Harrisburg Food not Bombs will be serving a healthy and free vegetarian meal to anyone who is hungry.

Please bring banners, signs, flags, leaflets and more with messages of support for the uprising in Greece, against police and state repression/violence and for a new and more just world. Bringing instruments, noise makers, tape and wheat paste for flyers and posters, and vegetarian food for Food not Bombs is also highly encouraged. 

For Alex and all those murdered by the state!



One response to “Global Resistance to Global Injustice! Solidarity demonstration with the Greek uprising on 12/20!

  1. just dropping by to say thnks to all anarchists who showed support facing the anarchist rioting in Greece last December,remember it all can make a difference

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