(New)The Parties Over: Beyond politics, beyond democracy

(New)Crash!: A Look at Todays Financial Crisis in Plain English (From NZ but just as relevant!)  

(New)Direct Action Survival Guide: Ready to take action against the state and capital? OK great! Know how to take care of yourself in the street? If not check out this zine for advice on getting through any action!

(New)DIY – How to Make a Zine; Paper, Scissors, Pen – Rockin!

(New)The Worst: A Compilation Zine on Grief and Loss.  Talks about radical response to death and loss, + how to support someone who is grieving

(New)Crisi: An Anti-capitalist newspaper from spain(translated of course!)

(New)Fire to the Prisons #4: Fire to the prisons for is an insurrectionary anarchist quarterly periodical that is distributed all over the world. It is intended to provoke a strong community of revolutionary solidarity. Every issue focuses on anarchist analysis, political prisoner awareness, actions conducted in solidarity with others prisons and campaigns, indigenous solidarity, and more.

False Hope vs. Real Change Newspaper: An anarchist (beyond voting) guide to the 2008 elections

Voting vs. Direct Action: Change isn’t made in a ballet box, its made in our streets, homes and communities

An Anarchist FAQ: An in depth introduction to anarchism and anarchist theory

The Art of Politics (a guide for community self defense)


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